Policies and Procedures

Scheduling Classes

Since resource-based teaching is an effective teaching strategy, teachers are encouraged to collaborate with the media specialist on lesson plans calling for the use of the media center’s resources.  That way, the teacher and media center staff can cooperatively plan units of instruction to include the services that the students need, the materials to be used, and the number of class periods required to complete the assignment.  For that reason, teachers are asked to consult with the media specialist when scheduling class visits.  To ensure the availability of space and resources, teachers are asked to sign up for class visits at least 3 days in advance.   When students are working on research projects in the library, state standards require the teacher to be available to render assistance and see that students are on task.

Media Center Use

Students coming from class to use the media center must have a pass signed by their teachers.      

Computer/Internet Use

Computers are available in the media center for student use.  Students wishing to use these computers must first show their signed passes to the media specialist and sign in on the "Computer Sign-In Log".   When signing in, students should list the topic or assignment to be worked on.  The computers are to be used for educational purposes only. Students are to ask permission of the media staff before printing.

Students may access the Internet for academic-related purposes only. Emma Hutchinson Elementary School adheres to Board policies and procedures regarding the use of computers and access to the Internet.  Therefore, any student wishing to use the Internet in the Media Center MUST have on file a Student Acceptable Use Agreement for Internet Access form, signed by both the student and a parent/guardian.  Without that form, the student will not be able to access the Internet even if he/she has a pass from the teacher.


Students coming to the media center to use the Internet must have their research objective indicated on their pass from the teacher.

Audiovisual Equipment/Materials

Audiovisual materials are available for checkout to faculty and staff, but should be returned as soon as the staff member has finished using them, so that items are available for others to use.  Students may not check out audio visual materials but are allowed to view or listen to materials in the media center if space and equipment are available.  Students need to see the media specialist to make such arrangements.

Audiovisual equipment is available for short and extended check-outs by faculty members only.  Students may not check out equipment on their own but teachers may check out equipment for them to use in classroom presentations, etc.  Equipment must be checked out by media center personnel.  For daily check-outs, equipment should be returned by COB on the same day.